Mittwoch, 22. Oktober 2008

News of the week

We released some cool items, that are slightly Halloween-themed, but also are pretty wearable all over the year.

As a special Halloween offer we present our "New York" Boots in Tangerine at a cool prize.

Next we have a great 15 pieces outfit in stunning colors and textures.

Last but not least we got some crazy Halloween Pumps for you.

Too bad the pumps aren't available in store. Huh? Am I crazy? NOOOO...keep reading.

ATTENTION PLEASE - we just refilled and restarted our Lucky Board and now it gives away the "Argyle & Stripes" outfit and also the "Halloween" Pumps (as a Lucky Board exclusive).

The "Bobbing for Apples" game in front of our main store, near the halloween garden. is still up and running so drop by, grab an apple
and win some cool gifties from our collection
<3 Babylee
credits: Hair by Bishwear

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