Samstag, 25. Oktober 2008

Ghostbusters Hunt

The grid wide Ghostbusters Hunt has startet with 111 Designers .
Buy your ghost( 0L$ ) to get your “Starter Ghost” including notecard, flyer and a nice Ghostbuster shirt in our main store.

LM - This is Very important LM!! it will take you to the “Ghost 1″ location. This is where Hunt Starts. Buy the ghost and you will get your gift and LM to “Ghost 2location. You will basicly be hopping LMs to Bust all your Ghosts and get wonderful Gifts!!! The last Ghost will have “The End” note card - this is how you will know you got all the Ghosts.
Hunt Starts October 24th 12pm SLT!
This is when First Ghost will be put out! If you don’t start from “Ghost 1 you might miss out on more gifts and loose the thread…
So be patient hunt will last a week - you will have to to hunt them all down…
Plus it will be way funner to do it the right way!!
Kisses and have Fun!!!
From All your Fav stores
and Vain Inc.
This is what B&T Atelier offers in our hidden Ghost:

"Swirly" 24 pieces with sculpted prims ( all resizable on touch ) with pants and skirts to mix and match ;-)
Happy hunting
<3 Babylee
credits: Hair by 69, Shoes by B&T only avaible in our lucky board, Skin: Sin Skins

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