Dienstag, 22. Mai 2012

B&T BLv. Opening Event: Ice Cream Hunt

Welcome and thanks for your interest in our latest event to celebrate our
grand re-opening after the massive renovation of B&T Fashion Boulevard -
the B&T Fashion Boulevard Ice Cream Hunt 2012!!
All the designers at B&T Fashion Boulevard participate in this huge event
with 25 brandnew items ( mostly mesh ) exclusively made just for the hunt. Find their hidden
popsicles ( 25 ) and buy them for just 10 L$ each. Just wear and eat/lick to get the
great goodie hidden inside. Look for them inside and outside our buildings.
The items inside are very high-quality so you won't regret to pay a little
more than the usual hunt item fee: great Mesh items like shoes, boots,
male/unisex shirts & top, male and female shorts, dresses, pants, female tops.
Non-Mesh items like a skin, a shapefor the guys, make-up and more. You really do not want to miss out on that!!

We really hope you like the new looks of B&T Fashion Boulevard. :)) And
now...let the hunt BEGIN. Have fun and happy hunting - cheers and hugs
from Babylee and the entire B&T Fashion Boulevard team!!

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