Mittwoch, 3. Februar 2010


B&T as you know it will cease to exist on 7th February !

Good news is we won`t leave SL for good, we just take a short break and will be back with new projects and new stuff soon.

Even better news is, we are having a huge CLOSING SALE in all of our buildings on B&T Fashion Land ( including our outlet skybox and a Moving Sale @ CHIC inc. our skin main store )

All items - even complete outfits - shoes, boots, accessories, men`s wear and furniture - are now prized from 1-50L$ tops.

Just use the teleporter system near the Landing Point to easily get to all our places.

Pls. don`t forget to grab our hunt gifts ( SAH & Burning Hearts Hunt ) touch the signs in front of the stores to get infos and hints.



Hunt Gift

Hunt Gift

Thx for your continuous support over almost 2 years. We`ll be back !
Thx and hugs
Babylee & Tommi

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