Sonntag, 5. Juli 2009

Important (sad) news

I am literally smashed on the floor being forced to write this note. We were SCREWED by
our landlords, this crooked couple ROPER Zaks & Purplerose Rae didn't pay their tier for
the sim our ( and Hasi`s ) main store was located and took off. We got evicted yesterday morning with about
5 weeks and 3 days rental time left when the sim was reclaimed. So it's not only that we
have no main store ( and no home ) anymore but also a tremendous financial loss (more than 22,000 L$).

But we try to keep things going. We still are part of the Passion Grid-Wide Hunt, our heart
has been relocated to our satellite store at Vain Inc.Plaza

We also are part of the Summer Lovin' Hunt, which is spreading over 4 sims.
Come to our shop at MALT and grab your starter kit and search for beachballs on the sim.

Our latest releases are on display at our satellite stores and also all of our current specials.
Please make sure to take advantage of all local bargains & specials. Each of our little stores
has something special to offer you won't find somewhere else. :))

We already rented a new location (homestead sim) but it will take us about two weeks to
set everything up again. We keep you posted about the developments.
<3 Babylee

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