Donnerstag, 2. April 2009

OMG where are the eggs ?

The gridwide SLinfo Easter Egg Hunt runs from April4th till April 19th with over 80 German Designers
Start location here

The gridwide Spring is in the air hunt runs from April 1th till April 30th

search for two hidden eggs in our main store and get the stuff for boys and girls shown above
Here is a lil hint to find our eggs ;-)

Don`t forget to grab our opening specials and dollarbies and pls visit our new space station filled with specials and goodies. Use our Teleporter System to go directly to this cool location in the sky and take a ride up to the ground with our space shuttle.
More Infos about the Spring is in the air hunt can be found on the official blog or touch the signs at our store to get notes about the hunt and join the SIITA group

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