Freitag, 21. November 2008

New stuff and new items in our Lucky Board

Some news for this week: Swirly comes in 3 different colors, black & white, black&pink and black&purple. You can mix and match 24 pieces for new looks.

New boots are out now too, Moscow, sculpted boots with resizer and fluffy fur in black and white:
Our lucky board has been refilled with a really cool stuff you don't want
to miss. Just drop by and give it a try!
You have to win 4 different parts to complete your outfit. For those who
don't want to wait we offer a retail version with an additional hair bow
NOT available in the Lucky Board.

Finally our unisex line has been released in its own building. Just check out
the sweet little shop in the backyard of our compound. We want to focus
on the neglected men with our stuff there, so we named it MEN's WORLD,
but all items are great for women too. AND they are transfer
, so you can buy them as a gift for your loved one(s)

all avaible in our main store
and in Juicy del Mar

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